Canadian Luther World Relief

CLWR was formed after the Second World War. They have an excellent reputation for being one of the first agencies on the scene when disaster strikes anywhere in the world and have long standing development projects all over the world. They have partnerships with many other aid agencies which allow them to channel almost all money donated to the cause they are working on rather than to administration costs. When we closed, we gave a large donation of our remaining assets to CLWR to assist them in their support.

One Community

At St. John we have supported CLWR in a variety of ways. Some were long term projects and some were short term. We encouraged all members to support CLWR with donations but we also liked to do more hands on projects as well. In the past we completed a One Community project that equipped a village with everything they would need to improve their lives including education, food and medical care. It was a wonderful experience that included a visit by a chicken and a goat to our Sunday Service.

Gifts From the Heart Catalogue

Members are encouraged to give and receive gifts from CLWR’s Gifts From the Heart catalogue that allows persons to purchase items that change the lives of people in other parts of the world in the name of your gift recipient.

We Care Kits

Every year we put together a large number of We Care kits. These kits are designed for the needs of persons in refugee camps and other emergency situations. They include Living and Learning Kits, Hygiene Kits and Teacher’s kits. Items and cash donations are collected and then we got together for a work bee to put the kits together (which always includes a potluck lunch!) CLWR purchases the bags that the kits go into from a weaving and sewing business in India that was started with help from CLWR. We also had a group of members who made afghans to send along with our kits to be used in various places including hospitals run by CLWR and its affiliates. Even the shipping of these kits is an example of good stewardship. Once the kits are assembled we took them to a Home Hardware store where they graciously ship them for free on their trucks travelling CLWR’s warehouse in Winnipeg. Thank you Home Hardware!

Soccer Balls Bring Joy to Kids Around the World

Our help for CLWR allows for thinking outside the box too. Recently when a container of We Care kits arrived in Haiti the aid workers were asked if there was anything else they could use. Their answer: Soccer Balls. The people who work with the kids there are always in need of ways to keep the kids occupied and the kids love soccer. They often make balls out of whatever they can find. So… a mini project was born. Purchasing soccer balls for kids serviced by CLWR. It feels great to know we are helping to brighten the lives of kids living in terrible conditions by supplying them with a way to have fun!

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